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Selected Author: (Enzo Migneco) Togo

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No title #39/300

Value estimate: 50 €. Piece Code: 70102 Status: Available

(Enzo Migneco) Togo

<<… "Togo doesn't live for his painting but in it, in the material and the act of painting." >> (Paolo Volponi)

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Title: No title #39/300

Technique: Serigraph , 24.5x17.5 (14.5x10.5)

1937 Enzo Migneco, known in art as Togo, born on 20th, July 1937. He moves to Messina, the city where his family originated. In the field of art he continues his formation as a self-taught artist. 1959 In Messina he has his first one-man show at the Verona-Trento Institute. 1962 Togo returns to Milan attracted by its cultural and artistic climate. 1963 Opens his first studio in the Brera area, via Palermo 5. 1967 "Gallery 32" hosts the artist's first one-man show in Lombardy. Raffaele De Grada in the catalogue presentation underlines the connection between Togo and "his Sicilian world: the contortions of the Indian fig-tree, the spaces of the sea between capes and ridges, the house clutching the ground, the roots that emerge like a prehistoric inundation". 1969 Togo, together with Lino Marzulli and Umberto Faini, becomes affiliated with the Galleria Diarcon, directed by Pasquale Giorgio, where he will exhibit exclusively until 1977.1973 Moves his studio to via Gaetana Agnesi 10. The larger space permits him to install a printing press and dedicate himself to teaching. 1974 Participates in the Sixth National Review of Contemporary Painting, Valiano-Montepulciano, winning the first prize with a painting entitled Mediterranean Landscape. 1977 Has a one-man show at the Galleria Diarcon presented by Raffaele De Grada. The catalogue illustrates the work done between 1962 and 1977. 1978 Completes a mosaic entitled The Jar at the Pirandello Secondary School in Milan. 1980 The artist's constant work in the discipline of etching finds adequate recognition in the graphics exhibit held in Milan at the Sormani Palace. 1981 The Galleria Annunciata in Milan, directed by Sergio Grossetti, holds a one-man exhibit of Togo's work. It is in this year that the Spazio Aleph was created together with the painters Bardi, Paz and Trolese, the critic Giorgio Seveso and the co-ordinator Paola Mortara. The self-run center was created with the scope to unit artists and those who appreciate art. 1982 Founds the Edizioni dello Scarabeo together with Leopoldo Paratore. 1983 Togo exhibits at the Galleria Annunciata presenting twenty drypoint etchings, and then at the Spazio Aleph with engravings and drawings presented by Paolo Bellini. Alberto Cavicchi, in the introductory text notes: "the technique and poetry - the poetics therefore - are the inescapable canons of Togo's art of his search of his expressive mode." 1986 Completes a mural on the facade of the Town Hall of Limina entitled The Return of the Immigrant. 1988 Exhibits graphic works at the Town Hall of Senigallia. On the occasion of the "Giovanni Segantini" Prize held at Nova Milanese, Togo receives, with the work entitled Eclipse, the maximum recognition for drawing. 1989 A the Teatro Vittorio Emanuele in Messina he exhibits a big anthology presented by Lucio Barbera. 1991 Eight engravings are published (with a text of Lucio Barbera "Togo,il segno e il sogno") on Arte Fantastica e Incisione, edited by Giorgio Mondadori, presented by Paolo Bellini. 1993 He is present with oils and engravings at the Bocconi University of Milan and at the Quasar gallery in Monticelli d’Ongina. 1995 Recent engravings are exposed at the Studio d’Arte Grafica of Milan and at the Nuvolanera gallery in Santa Croce sull’Arno. In the same year he shows his work at the Radice gallery in Lissone. 1996 The Ente Mostra di Pittura Contemporanea of Marsala puts on a personal exhibition presented by Giuseppe Quatriglio. He is then invited at the Biennale dell’Incisione Alberto Martini of Oderzo and at the Biella prize. Then exposes in Messina at the Sagittario gallery and in November he is in Milan at the "Il Torchio di Via Piacenza" gallery. 1997 Exposes at the Meceden gallery in Milazzo (catalogue presented by Maria Teresa Prestigiacomo), in Patti for the Ente Provinciale del Turismo and in Mantova. 1998 Exposes 50 engravings in Milan at the Centro dell’Incisione Alzaia Naviglio Grande. The artist presently lives and works in Milan and his studio is still located in via Gaetana Agnesi 10.


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